Monday, June 22, 2009

Magical Happenings

Disneyworld really IS the most MAGICAL PLACE ON EARTH! I had a wonderful vacation.. and guess what.. I'M GETTING MARRIED! Jason and I got engaged on 6/18. He proposed at a cuban restaurant in Downtown Disney. He let me pick out my own engagement ring, I picked a 3 stone diamond. It represents your past, present, and future. Jason and I met when we were kids, so I think it truly fits our story!

I met Evan for the first time and it was amazing! I love that little man!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dogs, Vacation, Sales..

We found a sitter for the dogs! Yay! Jason's sister is going to take them to her house while we are on vacation. We had a play date yesterday with her dogs.. (she has four pups) There was some growling and dominance issues, but in the end.. they got along really well. I'd never seen my Chloe girl act dominant before. It was weird!

Anyway, I'm off to do some shopping! Going to buy some Crocs for Jason and then we are going to his parents place to pick up some extra luggage for our trip!

OH!! I've had a record week in sales!! I sold 10 books in the last 7 days! Just when my business starts to take off, I'm going on vacation. Go Figure!


I've always wanted to make an afghan or some sort of blanket but I was never taught how to knit or crochet and I just figured I wouldn't have the patience for it. Well, I bought a crochet needle this weekend and some yarn and I watched a Youtube video on how to do a double loop stitch(i think that's what it is called) anyway, I LOVE IT! It's really relaxing :) I had to put a halt on the books and stuff for the next couple weeks because of my upcoming vacation and I figured I needed SOMETHING to do.

This blanket is for my nephew Evan. I will be meeting him for the first time in exactly ONE WEEK! I can't wait! I hope I can finish this blanket in time. Here's what I've got so far.. just started this today.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Love Me Some Lip Balm!

I was in the FS rooms the other night and ParadiseSunrise was up! I know I shouldn't be spending money before my big vacation, but everyone started saying how much they loved her lip balm.. I reached a hand up to my chapped lips and that was it! I was like a hunter on the prowl for the "Cart" button. I had to buy some, and I don't regret it at all!! I've never had lip balm that actually stays on for a long time and I put it on an hour ago and my lips still feeel silky! I ordered the "Strawberry Cocoa Lip Smoothie" but she included a free gift! Chocolate Espresso Lip Smoothie! CHOCOLATE?! ESPRESSO?! YES!!!!!!!!! I just looked in her shop again, and now she has Cheesecake Lip Smoothie! I'm gonna order some of that when I get back from vacation. Thanks to ParadiseSunrise, now I'm not going to have chapped lips in all my vacation photos! YAY!
Check out her shop:
She also offers soaps and lotions! I'm definetely becoming a regular customer. Did I mention her prices are extremely affordable?? I can't say it enough.. go buy from her!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I've been so busy this week! I went in early to work yesterday to pick up an extra hour of overtime. I had planned to do that all week but I just don't have it in me. I'm exhausted! But anyway, I'm super excited for our vacation plans. The day is coming and I can't wait.

Unfortunately, I still haven't found a permanent pet sitter for our dog babies. :( I'm left with a dilema. Jason's sister said she would come by and look in on them a couple times a day while we are gone.. feed and water, play, let them out.. but then once she leaves, they will be alone again. They have seperation anxiety and we crate them when we're at work. I just don't want them to spend almost our entire vacation in a crate! But if I leave them in the house, they will destroy EVERYTHING. I already have two holes in my couch, not to mention where they've started biting on one of my walls. Ugh!

My co-worker has 3 dogs and she agreed to meet with me this weekend for a doggie introduction, and if it goes well, she said our dogs can stay at her house for 5 of the days that we are gone. THAT HELPS A LOT! Jason is going to talk to his sister today and see if she will take them to her house while we're on our trip, if not.. I'll take my co-worker up on her offer.. if the introduction doesn't work out, I'm gonna have to pay a pet sitter, and that will cost me $400.00 *sigh*

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Going on Vacation

In less than two weeks, I will be going to Florida for 9 fun-filled days at Disneyworld! COULD I BE MORE EXCITED?!! Absolutely Not! I can't wait!!! This is my first real vacation to anywhere and I get to spend it with the people I love most! Anyway, I will stop all eBay auctions on 6/9/09, and my Etsy Store will be closed from June 9th to June 21st. I will be back, so please don't forget about me :)

♪ ♫ "When you wish upon a star.. makes no difference who you are.." ♪ ♫

Monday, June 1, 2009

Total Sales

As of today, I have 22 total sales in two months! That is fantastic!!! I have:
15 sales on eBay
05 sales on Etsy
02 sales to friends

I couldn't be happier! Thanks to all my friends and family that have helped me get this going. It's an exciting venture for me! Thank you!

Another Custom Order

I'm rockin with the custom orders! Here's another one.. huge wedding guest book with tons of cardstock and room for over 300 people to sign!! This book is wrapped in Amy Butler's Lotus collection.