Sunday, May 31, 2009

Custom Order

I love custom orders! I just made this book for Natalie & Greg. Their wedding colors are cream, brown, and purple. She chose this cover and ribbon style after seeing them on my website:
I will customize any kind of book;
Baby, Birthday, Wedding, Journal, Photo Album.. you name it!

Saturday, May 30, 2009


I ordered these beautiful earrings from MaddEm and I got them today. She sent them out super fast! Aren't they cute?? They kind of remind me of little people with 3 legs.. lol. When I saw them, I had to have them.

MaddEm, you are a sweetheart! I really enjoy chatting with you in FS :) Thanks for sending these out so quick.
Check out her shop:

I'm going to wear these tonight with my super sexay green hat! Going bowling with some friends. :)

Today is great!

I just got two special orders for my wedding guest books, and 1 special order for a birthday scrapbook! I have lots to do :)

I got my tooth pulled this morning, so I won't be making any books tonight. My face is swollen. dry sockets hurt!

But yay for special orders!! Woot

Wedding Guest Books!

As some of you know, I sell a lot of books on eBay. I just created two wedding guest books tonight. A customer of mine asked to see my Damask prints in Fuschia and Green so I made two books and put them on the auction block tonight. Damask is so popular! And I love all these colors.

Just so you know, I will customize any book. Any cover, and color, I have a rainbow of ribbons to choose from.. you can see that all on my website:

Click here to see my eBay Store:

Friday, May 29, 2009

Music and Paisleys

These beautiful books are brought to you by my friend Angie and they are available to purchase in my Etsy Store:

Like I said before, Angie's book have that "certain something" that makes them unique! The first is a music photo album.. it's versatile.. I wouldn't mind using this as a journal to jot down my thoughts! I love writing with gel pens and I just love music. Why not combine the two? This would make the perfect gift for any music lover!

The second book is a Pink and Black paisley design, it's been accented with pink and black ribbon.. as well as a little metal teddy bear for embellishment. Super cute and it's a great way to showcase photos!

These books are available to purchase in my Etsy Store:


I have always loved photography, I've always wished I had the talent to take such beautiful photographs. That is what I found when I went to Mine9ye on Etsy. She has everything from Nature photos to a Root Beer shop. Gorgeous prints!!
Check it out on Etsy:

Priscilla's Jewelry

I was in an FS room and Pila12903 was the Featured Seller. I immediately fell in love with her items, they are beautiful and won't break your bank! I ordered this skeleton key necklace and it arrived today in the mail. :) She even threw in some matching earrings as a freebie! Thanks Priscilla!!

Please check out her shop:

So sad..

My dentist called this morning and cancelled my appointment to get my tooth pulled.. said he had a migraine. *Sigh* SO DO I!!


Who is Angie? She's only my best friend a fellow book-maker!
I met Angie in 2007 when we started working together in this little office I probably shouldn't mention. Anyway, she's my best friend and when I started making these books, she hopped on board! We just listed 3 of her books last week on eBay and one of them got into a little bidding war today. YAY! Congratulations An-Jay!!

I'm going to be adding her books to Etsy this weekend! Her style in covers is a little different than mine. She loves her embellishments and they really add a "certain-something" to every book she makes!


I got these "Funky Beads" from TheGraceWithin on Etsy:

I'm still not sure what to do with them, but some friends suggested that the big green bead could be a necklace. I think it's really beautiful, it almost looks like a feather inside!

You can find more cool things are TheGraceWithin Shop on Etsy! She makes the cutest little gift boxes and even has a "FOR SALE" section that won't break your bank! Check it out!

Thanks Gracie!

Thursday, May 28, 2009


I met Leakhena in an Etsy chat room. She's a real sweetheart! She won an FS spot and I went to her shop to help showcase her items. I fell in love with just about everything!! I decided to buy this cute little cat necklace. I have a black cat of my own so I thought it would be cute to wear this around!
I want to also mention that she included two free gifts! WOW-EE!! These are beautiful! My favorite color is green and these are going to look great when I wear them. They will also look awesome with my new hat (see below!)

Follow the link to Leakhena's shop. You won't regret it! She's a sweet heart and a pleasure to buy from!


I made one sale today and had a custom order. Could I be ANY happier?! I don't think so.. :)


In case you haven't noticed.. I'm an impluse shopper.. lol. Well, I've decided to start this new thing. Every time I buy something on Etsy, I will feature the item and Etsy shop in my blog. I think this will be fun! Now, it's 4:00AM and I need some sleep.

Love My New Hat!

I bought a hat from uniquelyallies Etsy store:

I LOVE IT!!! It's the best hat ever!! Each hat comes with a "Bling String" I chose the flower string as you can see.
I want to also mention that she included two free gifts! Another Bling String and a pair of beautiful blue earrings.

Thanks uniquelyallies!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So.. last night I was eating dinner and I bit down hard on my wisdom tooth and it cracked. OUCH!! I went to the dentist this morning to have it extracted and he wouldn't take it out until I take antibiotics, so I have an appt scheduled on Friday to get it out. I'm really glad I will be getting this done before I go to Florida..

So, right now I am heavily doped up on percocet.. It says I can take two, I just took 1 and wowee.. I'm feeling it... No tooth pain at the moment. I'm going to work later. I hope I can function.

Thanks to Shoebox21

I love to support my fellow Etsians.. I recently ordered a set of Mini Thank You cards to place in my books when I sell them. They just arrived in the mail today and they are even more beautiful in person! She even included 2 free hand drawn thank you cards. She is very talented! Check her out!
Thanks Shoebox21, I will be back!

Check out her Etsy store:

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Waking Up.. Good Morning to you..

I was up all night with my sick baby.. :( Poor thing. I haven't gotten much sleep, but I'm excited.
From the day I started making my books and listing them on eBay and Etsy, I get excited to wake up in the morning and check my bids and sales, check my e-mail, etc. Today, I have two custom orders, and 1 sale. YAY!

Mmmm.. I'm hungry. Catch ya later!


Artfire is cool! I was chatting with some Etsians and someone mentioned that they have purses for sale on Artfire. Well, I had heard of Artfire from Twitter, so I decided to check it out. I listed a few books, I'll let you know how things turn out.

It's 2:34am, I can't sleep. My ass hurts from this computer chair. I need to go to bed!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Items from my Etsy Store

Trying out Blogger

Hi there!
I've never had a blog before, so I don't really know what to say, but here is a little about myself.
I create these fun little books with my friends and family and sell them on Etsy:
I also have my own website:

I started making these books earlier this year and it's so rewarding. I take special requests, and if you don't see a cover or ribbon that you would like, just let me know! I can find whatever you need.