Sunday, July 12, 2009


We've decided on a wedding venue. We are going to get married at Jasons parents house. We are very excited! They have a very big house that can fit 75-100 people. Best thing is, it's free!
We are going to California this weekend for a mini vacation. Jan and George bought a retirement home in Oceanside. I'm really excited. Now I just have to find a pet sitter again. The neighbors said they would watch them, but I don't feel comfortable. I feel bad asking his sister again, and none of my friends will be able to. *sigh*
On another note. I was telling Jason the other day, I love our life right now. I just got a promotion at my *REAL JOB*, we're planning the wedding, we own our own home, we have a pool, our dog babies are healthy, our friends are awesome, our weekends are always busy and my book business is taking off. I'm really loving life right now, but I especially love my sweetie. *smooches*

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